Surfing Privately 
protecting your identity on the World Wide Web
This website grew from the need to protect visitors to our main site -

Investing Cautiously

- from cyber criminals.

That website is designed to provide helpful information to cautious investors. The site attracts retirees, people considering retirement and senior citizens. We realized that cyber criminals might figure that people visiting a site that has information for people interested in managing their money (and possibly investing large sums) would be good targets for identity theft and related cyber crimes.

We have no evidence suggesting that the site has been hacked or that visitors have had personal data compromised, but the rise of hacking and cyber theft concerned us. After all, some of the largest financial companies in the world - banks, insurance companies, credit card issuers - have been hacked and literally millions of people have had their identities stolen.

Everyone needs to be more careful. We are doing what we can. You may want to take precautions.

One way to do that is to hide your identity when you surf the web through the use of "proxy servers."

Now, you can surf in secret!
At school, at work, home, anywhere!

Browse safely, browse securely!

A proxy server retrieves web pages for you, providing its own identity to the sites you visit. This methodology conceals your IP address.

Web pages or data that you request come to you through the proxy, which means you surf anonymously.

The anonymous proxy server hides your IP address and information about you and your web surfing. Proxy servers let you bypass blocks on certain sites - at school, at work, anywhere!

You search and enjoy sites without leaving traces in cache or history.

We offer FREE proxy servers from to protect you.

See the list below. Click the link to learn more.

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We are not trying to force you to use a proxy IP address. We just want to let you learn and decide for yourself.

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